Vera Clinic est une entreprise internationale de tourisme médical qui collabore avec des dentistes hautement qualifiés et expérimentés, des chirurgiens en greffe de cheveux et des chirurgiens en cosmétologie en Turquie. Le haut calibre de notre équipe médicale combinée a donné à notre clinique une réputation bien méritée et nous a placés comme l’un des meilleurs centres de greffe de cheveux et de cosmétologie en Turquie et en Europe.

Founded in 2013, we are blessed to have managed to earn the trust of thousands of patients from all around the globe and to have had the opportunity to touch and enhance the quality of that many lives. Our staff is regularly working to provide every individual patient that visits our clinic with an unprecedented level of care and attention in a tranquil environment from the moment of their arrival to their departure.

The surgeons at our clinic are dedicated to bringing our patients the best of surgical and non-surgical hair transplant and cosmetology practices in the a-state-of-the-art facility. We aim to stay up to date with new medical advancements and provide our patients with the most recent and minimally invasive surgical procedures in the fields of hair transplant and cosmetology. Furthermore, we are proud to say that our medical team is constantly endeavoring not just to satisfy and meet the needs of our patients, but to exceed their expectations. At Vera Clinic for hair transplant and cosmetology, we aim to make our patients feel as satisfied and rewarded as possible.

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